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Dear Soon-To-Be Former Procrastinator:

Stop and ask yourself a moment... how much has procrastination cost you over the years? Has it cost you promotions? Have you missed out on a great opportunity, only to kick yourself later, watching someone else take advantage of it? Besides the losses in pure dollars and cents (and make no mistake about it, being a procrastinator does make you poorer) the biggest cost to you is what it does to you, to your self-image and to your enjoyment of life.

Procrastination. Your teachers and parents told you it wasn’t good to put things off, your bosses set deadlines to keep you from doing it (but that made you procrastinate more anyway). You found books and seminars to help you get over it.

Yet here you are. You know too well the dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach, the sinking sensation as you see a deadline approaching. You’re a master at all the little delay tactics, washing the dishes when you’re supposed to be writing a proposal, staring blankly into space when you’re supposed to be returning a phone call… darn it, if there was any profit in procrastinating, you’d have a VERY full bank account.

Procrastination has cost you
too much already

I know what you’re up against. I’m Kerul, and besides being an internationally renowned coach and seminar leader I am also, you guessed it… a reformed procrastinator. And through years of working with clients and finding tested and proven strategies for getting things done, I have developed a system that will help you beat the dreaded beast of procrastination once and for all.

But guess what… I’m not going to teach you anything at all about getting things done. I’m going to do you one better. Much better. I’m going to set you free.

"If procrastinating is getting you down and undermining the quality of achievements you long to create, then I'd highly recommend Stop Procrastinating by Kerul Kassel. First and foremost, you will get your Procrastination Profile so you can discover your unique kind of procrastination. From there it will direct you to one of the "five radical procrastination strategies" that will "set you free" from the kind of procrastinating that's ruining things. It's an easy read, but one dangerous to putting things off, so if you're ready, this is the book for you."
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Author of Secrets of Personal Mastery and Developer of Neuro-Semantics

My system is unlike anything you've tried before and it helps you beat the dreaded procrastination beast once and for all. No complicated diaries, no post-its all over your desk, no alarms, no drugs, no nagging and, best of all, no more stress.

Sound impossible? What you need are time management techniques, ways of prodding yourself to get more accomplished, right? Let me ask you this: how many of those have you tried? And have they worked? If they had, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you? You were attracted to this because you’re looking for the solution that will stick. And you’ve found it.

5 Radical Procrastination Strategies
That Set You Free Right Now

As I mentioned, I’m a coach who has helped thousands of people around the world deal with the very issues you’re facing. I’ve designed strategies that get you really unstuck. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of my clients and seminar participants say about my award winning system:

"...I am already much more productive
as a result of the techniques in this book."

"What a gift! I think I've been putting off overcoming procrastination just waiting for this amazing e-book! SO full of practical techniques, SO bursting with wisdom and SO much fun to read. I'm always a bit skeptical when reading a "solution" in an e-book but this one is the real deal. Thank you for giving me a whole new way of looking at how I get things done... I am already much more productive as a result of the techniques in this book."

Maria E. Andreu, , Leonia, NJ

What’s the solution? It’s simple, really. When you click “Yes, I Want Instant Access” you’ll immediately receive my downloadable solution kit which gets you on the fast track to getting things done the way you want to … and setting you free.

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Here’s just some of what you get:

The 5 Radical Procrastination Strategies That Set You Free Right Now e-book - over 50 pages of rich, practical tactics to get you achieving your goals today.

Downloadable audio to supplement what you're reading in the Solution Kit.

Workbook pages to help you implement the ideas in your own life immediately.

Checklists to help you organize the way you do things so you can actually forget about them. Yes, this actually helps you get more done! I'll show you the secrets of how to do this.

An invitation to an upcoming members' only Radical Procrastination Strategies teleconference, where you can get support and ideas around applying these techniques to your life.

"...Good Stuff!"

"Kerul's Five Radical Procrastination Strategies is sure to get you out of your head, and into action. I particularly enjoyed the helpful (and often entertaining) real-life examples woven throughout the book. Good stuff!"

Kathy Gulrich, Marketing & Product Development Coach. , New York, NY

How much time have you lost as a result of procrastination? Never mind all your life… how about this week? Did the guilt of putting something off until the last minute stop you from doing something you really wanted to do? Spend more time with your family? Go out and have some fun? Procrastination can be debilitating and it’s murder on your self esteem. And what is that worth to you? Clients regularly pay me hundreds of dollars a month to have access to my techniques for being productive and procrastination-free. But this entire package is available for just $39 US. I could tell you it’s “less than a cup of coffee a day” (heck, these days that’s less than 5 cups of coffee). But never mind about that. Let’s compare it to something much closer to your heart… how about all the time you’ve wasted feeling like a procrastinator, all the opportunities you feel you’ve lost by putting things off.

How much is your time worth? I’ll tell you this – it’s worth a lot more than $39.

I’ll share some of my insight developed through years of working with effectiveness strategies: most of them miss the boat. Now, I really respect a lot of the folks working in this field. But they overlook one key truth: you can’t fix something by using more of the same thinking that created it. So when you tell someone who feels lousy about not getting things done that they need to be MORE organized, MORE focused, MORE dedicated and that they need to work HARDER … what happens? You know because it’s happened to you countless times. You feel less than up to the task. It actually ADDS to your feelings of frustration and that means you get less done, not more.

" your perpetual patterns..."

"Consistently, Kerul's thoughts are insightful and provocative. She will de-bunk your perpetual patterns. So prepare to have some of your conventional thinking challenged in a way that you will grow to better understand your own way of operating."

Sarah K. Dolliver, Personal and business coach, , Sedona, AZ

"...practical, useful strategies..."

"It is an easy read with practical, useful strategies. The real-life examples that are weaved in really help to illustrate the concepts at work."

Gina Pastella, Boardman , Ohio

Ending Procrastination is
much easier than you think...
and you'll be surprised at how you do it!

That’s what’s completely different about the system I’m going to teach you. I don’t call it radical for nothing! Here are some of the insights I’ll share with you:

 You need to drop your goals... right now. What? Doesn't this fly in the face of everything you've ever been taught? Yes. I'll show you how to drop your goals and get lots more of the right things done.

 What the heck a hit man has to do with following through.

 How to stop taking yes for an answer.

 How to give up on finishing (forever!) - a startling technique that will double your productivity instantly.

 How being "normal" is crushing you... and what to do about it today.

 The "secret pain" of people who do things immediately - and why you as a procrastinator are better off and much closer to getting things done than you think.

 The story of Jo - whose procrastinating "diversion" from her goals got her exactly what she wanted ... and how you can do the same.

 The difference between "want to" and "have to" projects - and how to focus on the right type.

"WOW!!! I am going to print this in large letters..."

“I have read many books and articles on procrastination and have even delivered workshops on the topic but am still struggling with "never getting around" to certain tasks. What really jumped out in Kerul's e-book is her statement "Intention without action is like a car without wheels; you may have a vehicle but it's really hard to get around. WOW!!! I am going to print this in large letters and post it all over my home to remind my that intentions are only the first part. If I want to achieve my goals, I have to put my intentions into action.”

Francesca Riley, Montreal, Canada

I no longer consider myself a procrastinator - and once you
implement these strategies

you won't either

It's not that I've learned to accept my procrastination or settle for doing less. I am prolifically productive and I get everything I want and more done easily. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to do the same - once you learn the key shifts you need to make. Be sure and hop down to the bonuses section where you can learn how to be a fly on the wall on my personal journey in overcoming procrastination by reading my Procrastination Diary. The insights you'll get alone will be worth the entire price of this solution kit (and more).

This e-book and solution kit is chock-full of ideas and shifts in thinking that will not only get you moving effortlessly in the direction of your dreams - they will actually set you free. But I know you may still be wondering if this is the product that will finally help you move past the pain that procrastination has caused in your life. After all, we know all too well how easy it is to put off a decision that we may be unsure about.

"...made so much sense!"

"Kerul took me right through the murky maze of what makes us procrastinate. I find that hiring the ╬hit man' to assist me in dropping my "old goals" made so much sense! An over-investment in my old goals was really holding me back to moving ahead and ahead is where I wished I was. Now that I have arrived, I'll keep my 'hit man' with me, a good and trusted 'friend'. Thanks Kerul."

Patricia J. Foley, CPA, , Newington , CT

That's why I want to make it unbelievably easy for you to press the button to get immediate access. I am confident that after you download the 5 Radical Procrastination Strategies That Set You Free Right Now e-book, along with the rest of the downloadable Solution Kit, you will immediately start changing old habits and busting through old blocks. So I'm offering several valuable bonuses to help you decide to take action right now. Here's what they are:

No more reason to put it off...
BONUSES that make buying
5 Radical Strategies an easy decision:

BONUS # 1 - Ab$olutely $atisfied -Mental Yoga for Developing Your Money Muscles -  a $19.95 value

Just like your body can use a good long stretch, your "money muscles" need workout to condition you for optimum abundance.  Often procrastination can lead to a loss of financial opportunities or a feeling that you're always behind. The Ab$olutely $atisfied e-book gets you past conflict and confusion, into defining what prosperity is for you and startling insights into the true definition of wealth... and how to get what you really want.  This valuable resource delves into what it takes to get you ab$olutely $atisfied... and gets you moving in that direction today.

"...I loved it!"

"Thank you so much for your wonderful e-book,5 Radical Procrastination Strategies. I loved it! I saw your humor and your indepth understanding of procrastination in every section. More importantly, I saw myself (or at least bits of myself) all through it. While I consider myself a pretty action-oriented person and very disciplined, I still saw ways that I could make the process of 'getting things done' much more enjoyable. I also learned that I have tendencies to be an "anticrastinator" and that may not be the virtuous asset that I've tried to convince myself it is (in fact, I see how some of my challenges have come from anticrastination.) The e-book is chock full of information--I will certainly read it a several more times to be sure that I've gotten all of the nuggets that I need from it!"

Judy Toth, M.S., Personal Effectiveness Coach, The Power of Choice, Helping Women to Achieve Their Personal Best

BONUS # 2 - Excerpts from my personal Procrastination Diary - the day by day journey through which I freed myself from procrastination - and how you can do the same.

Value -  priceless


Don't Decide Now...
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The easiest thing to do is take action right this minute. If you don't, something else will grab your attention, and you may never achieve the benefits of 5 Radical Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination. If you are at all intrigued, then download the kit right now.

I'm certain that if you knew for sure that the answer to overcoming procrastination was in this solution kit you'd want to have it right now. That's why I want you to have a chance to it before you decide whether you'll keep it.

"Full of practical strategies and wise insights...."

""Kerul, I was informed, enlightened and even entertained by your book. Of particular interest to me were the real-life stories about creative ways to overcome procrastination (like the client who had to pay you an extra $50 if she didn't get her writing done!) I also saw myself in the description of the "anticrastinator" - the person who rushes to get things completed and doesn't really enjoy the process. Full of practical strategies and wise insights, this book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to overcome procrastination."

Barbra Sundquist, AC-CC, CVCC, , Certified Mentor Coach, Vancouver, Canada


"...concrete methods for moving past procrastination."

"Kerul's ebook reflects her deep insight and expertise in the field of procrastination. Through the many examples shared, readers are awakened to many thoughts and inner obstacles which may stand in the way of their goal attainment. She gives excellent advice, and concrete methods for moving past procrastination. Before reading this ebook, I was unaware of all the ways I was blocking my own success. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a goal or a dream they wish to move forward with."

Lynn Cohen
Personal and Professional Coach

5 Radical Procrastination Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you read the e-book cover to cover and try the tools, forms and strategies and find that the Solution Kit isn't helpful to you - we'll cheerfully refund your money within 30 days of purchase and you can keep the kit.

Just click on the button below to order your book safely with our secure order form.


"..the perfect motivation to stop procrastinating!"

"I was absolutely intrigued by this book. It exposes the hidden underbelly of why we don't accomplish our goals -- and offers clear, hard-hitting strategies to fit different personalities and situations. For example, using Kerul's "hitman" strategy, I promoted a new coaching program before the program was developed. That was the perfect motivation to stop procrastinating and move into action!"


PS- Remember that procrastination is only a state of mind - one that you can easily change with the techniques in this book. You owe it to yourself to get started on this today - don't put it off. These techniques have worked for lots of people - they'll work for you too, but only if you give yourself the chance.

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