Are you stuck, delaying action, treading water on goals?

So were these clients!  Be a fly on the wall for a coaching session with them, and take away some fabulous ideas, tools, and perspectives you can use in your own procrastination situations. 

Here are their stories:

Procrastination Coaching: Jodi's business development options

Jodi has been putting off making cold calls for weeks, and her business is suffering. Using the methods discussed in this session, Jodi later had much better, and easier, success developing her business than she'd expected.

Procrastination Coaching: Adela's marriage

Adela is still in a marriage that she feels doesn't really have a chance. So why did she move back in with him earlier this month, and why can't she make a real decision to leave for good?

Procrastination Coaching: Janet's business

Janet has been studying coaching for a few years, but she doesn't have any paying clients and she doesn't have any real focus or goals.  What’s really going on here, and what will Janet do?

Procrastination Coaching: Jennifer's closet

Jennifer's organizing systems aren't working as well as she wants them to. Her closet is unmanageable and she has other tasks that she's been ignoring.  Sound familiar?

Procrastination Coaching: Donna's $ dilemma

Donna's consulting business isn't consistently producing money. She's been thinking of getting a job instead, but she's been just thinking about it for a long time, putting off making a decision.  Is she really procrastinating…or not?

Procrastination Coaching: Des's project

Destiny has a research project she's feeling stuck on and needs some help.  Dee doesn’t realize why the real reason she’s stuck.

Procrastination Coaching: Organizing Carol

Carol's guest room has been a disaster for a while. Why can't she get it organized? Listen as Carol and Kerul discuss why Carol has been dragging her feet, and her new strategy for dealing with the mess.

Procrastination Coaching: Armen's photos

Armen been waiting a couple of years to get her photos into albums. She's really, really busy at the moment. But it turns out there's one big reason why she wants to do it now.

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